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    At Last!    The Research and Development Team have finished building, and calibrating ten prototypes meters. After a year of pain's taking trial and error, the secret of how some of the components were manufactured and how this machine actually works have been unlocked. These meter's were sent out for evaluation to a select few individuals with many years experience reloading and using the older meters made from the 1980's to about 2002. Our goal was to make this meter so close to the original, the parts would be interchangeable.

    We are beginning to produce a few meters that will be sold to the private individuals. We are calculating the man hours and the material cost for this project. The form required to bend and glue the plastic housing together, required many labor hours to manufacture. The form will only bend and glue one enclosure at a time. The circuit board have to be etched, drilled and populated with 32 different components then tested. The motor and all the drive assembly parts for driving the bullet are labor intensive to machine. All of these parts have to be assembled, circuit boards soldered in, tested and calibrated. We are in the process of completing the BulletDoctor website and the painstaking task of creating an accurate and understandable online manual to operate this meter. It will be free for download from our webpage.

    The dealer and retail price of each meter has not been determined as of yet. We plan to sell a few meters to a select few by an invitation only basis. Then we will make the determination weather or not we can make money with this product. Wish us luck.

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