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    Building Prototypes

  The research and development team spent about six months building the circuit boards. They had to build scaled up prototype testing boards that measured 12 inches by 24 inches. A lot of the electronics components that were used on the Vern Juenke machines are no longer available. With the larger boards we were able to solder components in and out till we got the right combination that worked. We also had to make sure the meter didn't wander when the components heated up.

   The next step was winding the sensor under the bullet that had the same impedance as the original. It took about 30 tries to get the right one. It is wound like a proximity switch, with wire thinner than a human hair. They are done under a three power magnifying glass with tweezers. Then glued into the bullet tray with epoxy. These are most time consuming part of manufacturing this meter.


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